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08.04.14 Molly Meg Pop Up Store

Molly Meg pop up store

Have you managed to visit the Molly Meg pop up shop in Anthropolgie yet?

One of my favourite online stores has opened a pop up shop at Anthropologie on Kings Road until 27th April 2014. Filled with their modern and vintage home decoration, furniture, toys, gifts and party supplies selected from designers from around the world. For more of a detailed peek check out a post from their launch party I missed on Little Big Bell.

There will be Make-and-Do Workshops throughout the month. Each class costs £5 and all proceeds go to charity and kids need to be accompanied by an adult. I would love to make the animal brooches with Emma Cocker Saturday, 26th April. A chance to make your own Mr. Fox! (8 years +)

For more information or to book a workshop visit Molly Meg online or pop along to the shop at : The Gallery | 131-141 King’s Road | London, SW3 4PW


22.12.13 Seriously Last minute Christmas Gifts: Our guide!

So for all you last minute shoppers sometimes the last minute scramble is not quite so fun. If you are looking for a few extra gifts you haven’t quite found, or looking to do your whole entire shop in one go, check these ideas out.

last minute gifts

Time poor/ Cash Rich

If you don’t actually want to go out shopping or don’t have the time, for this you have a few options. Think vouchers or last minute delivery shops.

Vouchers. These are often downloadable and with a printer you can print out your voucher and put it in an envelope to hand deliver literally seconds before meeting your giftee!

Mr and Mrs Smith offer a ‘Get a Room e voucher for selected amounts and can be used on booking their luxury hotels, many of which are fabulous for children. Babington House anyone?

For the kids, there is an array of cool and kitch downloadable games and ideas to entertain them such as these paper dolls. Just print at home to keep them amused over Christmas. (The Paper Dolls above can be downloaded from Etsy at the Black Apple) or these printable paper fox dolls with outfits from The Marimakes are just gorgeous too.  At Etsy,  you can find lots of ideas for downloadable handmade gifts such as the dog silhouette print by Linen Workshop you can frame, to designs to print out and make yourself at home. (See below – make it!)

Charity Vouchers giving everything from chickens, mosquito nets or providing water for a whole community can be bought on behalf of someone you love from a selection of organisations such as Oxfam and Actionaid. You can also donate online on behalf of someone else, directly to charities such as a personal favourite of mine, The Small Things Orphanage in Tanzania. Your money here can sponsor a child to go to school for a specific amount, but they are always grateful for any amount. You receive a personal response and can view images and videos of the children through their site. (One year I sent actual gifts and saw pictures of the children with the gifts I had sent. It was wonderful, especially for the kids to see what we had sent being played with.)

If you want to support your local area, why not organise a voucher from your local hairdressers, spa or favourite restaurant for the adults on your list.  By calling them up, they will often email you a voucher or email you can print out at home. For the kiddies, how about some cinema vouchers or a season ticket to their favourite zoo or farm park? For tweens and teens try a subscription to a cool magazine they would be interested in? Most of these things you should be able to do online and print out the voucher or confirmation.

Physical presents to wrap up…

If you are happy to go out and buy your gifts, but don’t know where to start with all the queues and mayhem,  then head to a bookshop for some really inspirational and crowd pleasing presents for kids and parents alike. Great books don’t need batteries and don’t take up too much space. They are educational and inspiring for imaginative little minds. Some of my favourite for gifts are Maps, Mamoko and Nina’s Book of Little Things.

At Amazon, you have until 9am on 23rd December to choose your gifts you want personally delivered to you for Christmas. John Lewis offers a late ‘click and collect’ service if all you want to do is drive in and collect your items without stepping foot in the chaos of the shops. These are my favourite crowd pleaser’s still available.

Wooden pullalong dog  £16.99,   lego friends set £28.99 and the Bear and Hare back pack  £15.00 all available from John Lewis.

Alex and Alexa is perfect for your designer trendsetter and offer a same day courier service to people living in Greater London. So you lucky Londoners can still bag your favourite girl these Rio Candy Retro Roller Skates in time for an extra fee.

For the skint but creative last minute Larry’s…Make it!!

Adults love brownies. Especially these ones! Erm…and so do the kids!

How about Tibbles the Elephant from Jennifer Carson? Only £2.20 for the pattern.

Or choose to make some animal pom poms for a speedy fun gift for some littlies! The Very clever Mr Printables blog will tell you how for absolutely nada…= free! :0)

Failing that. There’s always cool hard cash. But ALWAYS wrap your envelope in beautiful paper or add a few secret chocs on the front for fun. Everyone wants a beautifully decorated package or one covered in chocolate snowmen. It’s the rules.

Good luck! x



20.11.13 Is it a bird? Is it a toy? No it’s a shoe: Skribbies


Recently we got sent a pair of Skribbies for the kids to check out. They are kind of like a fun toy that you can wear. A never ending colouring pad, well until the pens wear out and the stickers fall off.

Hence. The kids went wild fighting for a turn. Luckily there are two sneakers in a pair. Who said matching was cool anyway?


In a box you get high top sneakers, pens and stickers and the slogan is “draw, wipe, draw.” And so we did.


We drew, wiped, stuck on stickers and created masterpieces. Ahem. I say we as in ‘the Royal WE’…ie. The kids.

scribbies stickers



NOT matching.


But someone liked their design.


Hmm…boys?! Really. She’s 6.

Is it a toy or is it a shoe? Well they are fun and entertaining and probably more creative way to avoid boredom in the doctors office/waiting room/dinner table than playing on an iphone. And if you don’t mind some dodgy art on display they look kind of funky.

They are more for fun than fashion but I think you need to like them without any art too though as the pictures do wipe away easily. Mine would have loved a permanent marker to keep their favourite drawings on the shoes! They make quite a good second pair as Seb wanted to take them into school to show his friends for PE. They definitely beat the humble plimsoll on that score!

Check out the full Skribbies range here.

*I did not get paid to write this review but they didn’t want the shoes returned…I wonder why ever not?!







09.08.13 My Holiday Stuff: Arabella age 4…just

I asked the kids this week. What couldn’t you live without on holiday? Here’s what they picked. I love to see the difference in the kids, between what’s most important to them right now.

This last one makes me laugh. She had to include sweets!

rabella's favourite things age 4

1. Molly the Monkey. Cause I can dress her up and she’s cuddly.

2. My new headphones. Mummy got these for me so i can sing along to music in the car.

3. Nail Varnish. I like it when my mum gets to paint my nails.

4. Playdoh. I got this for my birthday. It was my birthday on holiday!

5. Sweeties. Because they are yummy!

6. My Owl lunch box. I just got this for my birthday. I opened my presents on holiday. It’s fun to play with.

7. My Blanket. I’ve had this since I was a baby.

Arabella and her blanket age 4

Photography and Styling by Tracey Chalk. Post production on images by Louise Freeland.

If you missed the others (below) all this week. Start from the beginning of the ‘My Stuff Series’ here.

My holiday stuff kids

See you next week! Au revoir x


07.08.13 My Holiday Stuff: Henry aged 10

I asked the kids this week. What couldn’t you live without on holiday? Here’s what they picked. I love to see the difference in the kids, between what’s most important to them right now.

I’ll post one every day this week. This is the 10 year old gadget boy version 😉

Arsenal, sunglasses, rucksack, ipod, kindle, underwater camera

1. Arsenal Rucksack. It’s a really easy way to store all my essential stuff. And it has a little pocket where you can put your toothbrush and toothpaste. Plus, it’s Arsenal.

2. My Kindle. It’s really good especially on the journey here and at night. I finished all the Doctor Doolittle books and I’m now on my 5th Lemony Snickett!

3. My ipod touch. I watch movies on this and when you’re bored you can play games on it and listen to music. This is probably my favourite holiday item.

4. Underwater Camera. That’s just really good for the pool for taking underwater pictures. It’s my favourite colour blue and it’s just amazing.

5. Sunglasses. They just help me look really cool and obviously shade the sun, which there’s a lot of.

Henry age 10, www.chalkboardliving.com 050813_0462

Photos and styling by Tracey Chalk. Post production on images by Louise Freeland.


06.08.13 My Holiday Stuff: Phoebe age 8

I asked the kids this week. What couldn’t you live without on holiday? Here’s what they picked. I love to see the difference in the kids, between what’s most important to them right now.

I’ll post one every day this week.

Phoebe, age 8, favourite, build-a-bear, bikini, kindle, hairbands

Hearts my pink cat. She’s was my 8th Birthday present when I went to see Matilda in London. She’s a Build a Bear cat and I like to sleep with her at night.

My Kindle Fire. I like to listen to music on this and play games but mostly I love the music.

My new bikini. I have been swimming almost every day.

Hairbands. My mum puts plaits in my hair and gives me new hairstyles on holiday which i really like.

Phoebe and her favourite build-a-bear


16.01.13 Part Two: The wooden pram shopping edit

So I showed you Lola’s new wooden pram here yesterday. Here’s the best of the rest.

1.Wooden dolls pram (same as Lola’s but in ‘blue’, though looks a bit more purple to me!) £59.99 at Amazon

2. Pintoy Pink Pram £32.99 at Spotty Green Frog

3. Moulin Roty Wicker Pram £68 at Alex and Alexa

4. Moover wooden pram £64.95 at Lula Sapphire . Also available in red. (This was originally my first choice but when I saw it in a shop in person it is very small. Perfect for a 1 year old…maybe too small for a 3 year old?)

5. Minikane Pousette with black stars. Uber stylish! €50 at Laurette

6.  Moulin Roty Purple patterned wooden pushchair £80 at Alex and Alexa ( They also do a gorgeous pram version here.)

Ok, so one of them isn’t wooden but it was too darn cute not to include it. Have you ever seen a more perfect pushchair for little space inspired little boys and girls? There are not many pink ones on my list either as if you want pink you should  find them easily enough, well everywhere! A good option if you do want a luxury pink model is the Silver Cross Classic Pink Dolls Pram here.

So which is you favourite?


15.01.13 wooden Dolls Pram for Lola : Part One

The search for our pram was not simple. I looked at many options because I didn’t want a pink one. It had to be a good height, sturdy, practical and beautiful. Voila! This is what we got.

After several trips out and a failed order of a different pram I’m pretty happy with the one we ended up with. The Elliot Wooden Pram via Amazon.

It’s gender neutral, stylish, sturdy and has wheels attached by one metal rod which means the wheels don’t keep coming unscrewed as with our last wooden pram we had for Kitty. I reckon you could fit 8 or so dolls/teddies for those days when only handfuls of toys will suffice. It has no blankets or pillows which suits me fine but it would probably be fun to make one with your own fabric of choice if you were feeling crafty…or just buy/use a pram blanket. It came already together with just the handle to attach. That’s my kind of DIY.

I think the Maileg bunnies are happy. The big bunny we got new from Alex and Alexa. We put her the pram ready for when she opened it on Christmas day.

Though I think I love her more than Lola does.

This is definitely one to keep for the grand kids.

Part Two tomorrow: My edited list of the best wooden pushchairs/prams out there.