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23.10.13 Fashion: Stellaween by Stella McCartney

With Halloween fast approaching and a plethora of costumes at every corner you turn, sometimes you just need something simple. This is Halloween dress up, for those who don’t really want to full out dress up. I like it.


Stella Mccartney Stellaween

1. Enid shoes £90   2. Petra bat tights £27   3. Arlo T shirt £35 (For each t-shirt sold a donation will be given to Padem a.k.a  Programmes d’Aide et e Development destines aux Enfants du Monde – for the expansion of school and development of economic activities in Kenya.)   4. Max T Shirt £35   5. Boo Umbrella £35   6. Arnie T-shirt £40   7. Misty Dress £85

All items available from Stella McCartney Kids


17.08.12 Fashion Friday: Celebrate in Gold

So the Olympics is over (weep…what to do now?!) and hey Team GB managed to get an amazing 29 golds which when you take into account population size, well let’s just say we totally rock. I’m celebrating and looking forward to the Paralympics. I loved making the kids stand for the National Anthem when we had someone on the podium. I’m thinking they may even know the words! Not that i can ever sing through my own whiney tears. (Why do i have to cry every time the National Anthem in played?)

So what do you wear to celebrate in? I’m thinking these…

1. Ralph Lauren Gold Hi tops £87 at Alex and Alexa

2. Celestina Gold Shimmer Was £34.99 now £17.50 by Livie & Luca

3. Gold Hunter Original Wellies £45 at John Lewis

4. Stella McCartney Kids Gold Bernie’s £115 at Alex and Alexa

Though personally for me, i’m la la loving these! Trina work’s them so well.

And these. Of course…why wouldn’t you?


These would totally rock my wardrobe …and my life…and possibly my ankles. Is it possible to actually walk in these?

Answers on a postcard. Happy Weekend!

Tracey xo