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06.05.14 Who dresses your kids? You or them? 5 tips for stubborn kids style

kitty's double sock combo

Sometimes you can tell, sometimes you just can’t. I’ve often heard that little boys don’t care what they wear as long as they are not dressing themselves. I’m sure that’s true for some of you and was certainly the case for my husband and his 3 brothers. It was all about the lazy option and how fast they could get outside to jump out of a tree or cover themselves in mud.

Seb however is definitely more choosy when it comes to outfits. He knows what’s comfy and he knows what you wear to a party. I have never sanctioned the use of general characters on T Shirts outside of pyjama wear but generally the odd vintage style Spiderman black Tee has passed through the net mainly because it’s cool and you have to give a bit, somewhere. Football tops are kept to a bare minimum and sometimes he just asks to be dressed to match his dad. Cute. I doubt that one will last much longer! He has learned his pickiness however not from his dad but his big sister.

Kitty from the age of 2 had definite ideas about what she did and did not want to wear. After dismissing about 90% of her wardrobe I decided that the only way to come out on top was as she grew out of her clothes, I would only replace them with things that could be universally worn with almost everything else and that everything I bought I loved. This then bred a wardrobe of grey, black, white and navy and denim with some colour highlights and print dresses. It was revolutionary.

From then she has developed her own style and consistently continues to make me smile with her choices. I’ve had to let go a little but its like our styles have merged and she has compromised too. She knows her colours and what works well and she loves to be a little different, to make up trends. Check out her double sock combo up top. #yousawitherefirst.

And hey, without even knowing it was Coachella season she finds this flower band from nowhere and decides it time to rock that vibe for a bit.

kitty style

I think if you are concerned about how they look you have to get ahead of the game. Start early. They can be picky very young!

My top tips for a style harmony with your kids

1. Eliminate bad choices

Ok, so Aunty Pam bought you that Skylander T-shirt in flourescent green. Yep, quickly make it a PJ top not a T-shirt. That way you will not have to endure him wearing it day in, day out…in the day at least! Either that or charity shop bad buys before they even realise they are gone. Yes some clothes do get lost in the wash you know…ahem.

2. Buy good basics

Don’t scrimp on badly made cheap basics. I love H & M and Gap for highstreet great basic styles which wash well. Stick to some neutral colours like black, grey, navy white and nudes for chic basics and add in some colours they suit which compliment such as pinks, purples  and greens or red. Kids need some colour.

3. Denim is your friend

Don’t just think jeans, but jackets, waistcoats and shorts can be super chic in denim and its hard wearing and easier to keep clean than most other fabrics. When you do buy jeans make sure you get a good cut. Skinny and straight fitting styles are more fashionable right now.

4. No more shoes from hell!

Tell the assistant after being measured not to bring any shoes out that light up/have diamonds/flowers/sparkles or free make up kits/whatever you don’t like! And guide their available options before they are even aware the full range of what’s available.

5. Let them live a little

I’m all about standing your ground when it comes to clothes but the go naked or wear what i want line cannot work every time. Look out for items you know they’ll love without being too tacky and give them a treat. Some batman T shirts can be cool. Have a little fun. Some fashions are never meant to last that long and the chances are they’ll grow out of it before you get a chance to despise it.

So do your kids dress themselves? And have you ever ‘accidentally lost’ something you didn’t like? Do you tell family and friends not to buy clothes or do they already know better?

I’d love to know!

T xo


06.08.13 My Holiday Stuff: Phoebe age 8

I asked the kids this week. What couldn’t you live without on holiday? Here’s what they picked. I love to see the difference in the kids, between what’s most important to them right now.

I’ll post one every day this week.

Phoebe, age 8, favourite, build-a-bear, bikini, kindle, hairbands

Hearts my pink cat. She’s was my 8th Birthday present when I went to see Matilda in London. She’s a Build a Bear cat and I like to sleep with her at night.

My Kindle Fire. I like to listen to music on this and play games but mostly I love the music.

My new bikini. I have been swimming almost every day.

Hairbands. My mum puts plaits in my hair and gives me new hairstyles on holiday which i really like.

Phoebe and her favourite build-a-bear


12.07.13 Lola’s Summer Bunting Birthday Cake

horse birthday cake

There’s something special about a birthday where the sun shines. A proper Summer birthday. Celebrations are easy and yet so stylish with just a little effort.

A white tablecloth, some pretty garden ‘weeds’ thrown into shot glasses, some white bunting, pom poms, a few random animals for fun and a cake. Perfect for a 2 year old.

Horse birthday cake

weeds as flowers in shot glasses

shire horse

Summer birthday party

birthday candles

I love the simplicity of this cake. I always make a cake for my kid’s birthdays. It means I commit to making at least 3 cakes per year. Not bad, except if you’re busy the week of the birthday, fitting in ‘cake making’ can be tricky.

I find the key is to make the cake one evening…takes maximum of 2 hours, and decorate it the next day or evening. If you are pushed for time I always think simple (like this cake) is best.

I loved this cake and thought it would be easy to decorate. I iced my cake with my best ‘work out how much i need as I go along’ buttercream method, which I stained pink.

For the Buttercream:

Roughly 250g – 500g of good quality unsalted butter

Icing Sugar…this is up to you how much and depends on how firm you like it to be. Roughly 250-750g.

Vanilla essence – 1 tsp

A few tsp of milk or water to balance the consistency.

Beat the butter til smooth and whippy. Sieve in your icing sugar. As much as you like until the consistency and taste is how you prefer. Add a tsp of vanilla extract. Add a few tsp of milk or water until you have the perfect spreading consistency. Colour if required. (I recommend pastes over liquid colour.)

I made the bunting by cutting triangles out of a large width piece of ribbon and glued it to 2 kebab wooden skewers. I stabbed them into the cake, added an horse with wings for fun and made an age word template for my edible glitter. Glitter is key. It takes an average ‘meh’ cake to show stopping extravaganza…well something like that anyway.


P.S. For the record I always make my sponge cakes according to Nigella’s Victoria Sponge ‘bung it all in the food processor and whizz’ recipe. Rocket science it is not and it always tastes Amazeballs!


23.01.13 Party: Superhero Party for girls

It’s birthday season coming up for me with two parties in the next month or so and I just can’t resist a good party. It doesn’t matter how small the party is, or how little money is spent but I just love the little details which make all the difference. Here is Kitty’s from last year. We invited her whole class and family friends as it was her first year in school. The first year there’s always that awkward…’who do I invite?’ before they have made any strong groups of friends.  It was manic and crazy but totally fun.

The Theme.

I always plan a theme to my parties, even if it’s just colours, as then it makes it easier to shop and you can be focused on buying the right items. I thought it would be cool to do a Superhero party for Kitty without any traditional superhero characters or logos. We set colours (pink, purple and yellow) to make it more of a girls party but with a nod to the classic figures. (Yellow for Superman/Batman, purple for Batman and pink for the pink power ranger she had seen on TV once?!)

To see all the images and continue reading click on the link below.

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03.12.12 My Room : Ella age 5

Ella is 5 and lives with her Interior designer mum, dad, big brother Joseph and Lottie the dog. If you’ve been paying attention, she’s the final part of our Green family house tour and as they say ‘last but not least’.  It’s a dreamy space with the emphasis on a lot of off white to combat the pink bits, some pretty fairy lights and interesting ornaments and of course when you have a beautiful fireplace with tall ceilings and windows it finishes off any room perfectly. If only we could all live in a room like Ella’s the world might be a lovelier place to hang out.

I love purple, pink and red like my favourite toys, bunny and Minnie. I have lots of bunny rabbits in my room. The one by the tea set is a light and the mask i made with my friend when I went to the Lollibop festival.

To read more and see the rest of Ella’s bedroom click on the link below.

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10.09.12 Some girls like pink: My Room – Jess

Jess is 8. Apart from being polite, caring and very beautiful, she’s a girl with a love a pink! She lives with her mum, dad and two younger brothers. At some point in the near future her room is due for a revamp but at this moment in time she’s living the pink dream. A bright pink dream!

My mum got this ‘Jessie J’ picture made for me with all my favourite colours. Someone she works with designed it. I’m Jessie J and so is my favourite pop star!

This make up box was a present for my birthday . I’m allowed to wear it on weekends and when I go dancing. My favourite colours are pink, blue and purple.

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04.09.12 Some girls like pink: Barbie or Sindy?

Some girls like pink. Me? Well I like it in small doses but I’m not sure I could cope with a whole room of pink in the house but some girls LOVE it. This is a little series on the pink stuff.

When i was little we had a Sindy bed and wardrobe, a horse and some other bits. We loved Sindy because well she was like Barbie but a bit more …shall we say ‘real’. These days i look at some of the current Barbie paraphernalia out there and it just doesn’t seem as well made as the old stuff. Their legs aren’t always made of that soft rubbery material and some of the furniture looks more monstrosity than sweet. That’s just me though. In my house we have a small collection of vintage Barbies’ and their clothes! Plus a horse and a few newer additions but that’s about it. If your kids LOVE all that stuff but you don’t want a large plastic kingdom with a zillion breakable doors what do you buy? Well a vintage Sindy house of course!

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