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09.09.15 Summer I loved you long time…part two: France


Their first surf lessons in Seignosse, Hossegor. Seb’s first tooth came out. We collected sand, stones and shells, crab claws, frogs, bugs and memories. And water blisters on their fingers from how long they spent in the water. Everyone had gone back to school and the beaches were bare. It was bliss.






synchronised swimming kids

metallic tattoos

chalkboard living in hossegor


13.05.14 My weekend: Blogtacular and a photo walk in London

black telephone box London

London. One of my favourite places to be in the World. Who knew London had such gorgeous telephone boxes? I had never even noticed them until I took Xanthe’s Blogtacular photo walk in London workshop. What a gorgeous excuse to connect with others and take photos around the City for no other reason than because I wanted too.


We took balloons and Rosie Wonders amazing tattoos with us for fun. The studded door I shot around Old Bond Street was insanely fabulous.

Rosie Wonders Bird Tattoo

The whole weekend at Blogtacular was a warm and fuzzy explosion of inspiration. Amongst the many talented creatives, editors and photographers speaking about their work, lives and both educating and inspiring us to be better bloggers was  Natalie Lue, founder of Bambino Goodies, The uber talented Anne Ditmeyer of Pret a Voyager and Design Sponge fame , The beautiful and crazy busy Courtney Adamo from Babyccino Kids and Joy Cho from Oh Joy, who blew me away with her passion and determination to achieve just about everything she puts her mind to! There was even a virtual interview with Will aka Mr. Bright Baazar! I also met a whole bunch of new friends, made plans for projects and trips and found my love of taking photos for the sake of it again. (Thanks Xanthe!) All in all it was a pretty epic weekend.




25.03.14 Oh to be Seven

Queen Kitty

snot girl



Queen Kitty, so carefree, so filled with love and leadership. She loves to laugh, dance, sing and cuddle. She loves to be cool, to wear what she pleases, to tell her siblings what to do. Queen Kitty surrounded by her snot nosed helper, her shadow, her Lola. With so much love for her brother, they sleep in the same bed still sometimes…”as a treat because it’s Kitty’s birthday!” he says. I love her style, her tenacity, her confidence, her ability to create whole new worlds in her mind and then to relax enough to slob and watch TV and think that one day she could do that – that job they are doing .  Her vision, her annoyance already at 7 at the voice i do when i talk in a video. Do I even do another voice ? Apparently so.

I miss this place, this space to share and connect, to record. i think it’s time for some work to be done. Anyone want to see her panda jewellery party?


23.12.13 Christmas Family House Tour: Laura Green works her Christmas Magic

meri meri cakes

I first met Interior designer and mum of two, Laura when we shot her gorgeous 1930’s renovation for a house tour with her family last year. When she invited me back to see her house with a sprinkle of Christmas magic, I couldn’t resist.  That and she make the most amazing cakes.

Laura green's christmas house

Laura green's christmas house

Laura has a keen eye for styling and a distinct style which shows throughout each room of her home. Walking through the door give you goosebumps. It’s a beautiful house which feels loved and experiencing it in full Christmas glory was a magical treat.

Laura green's christmas house

laura green's christmas house

Laura green's christmas house


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12.12.13 It’s nearly Christmas…Guess it’s time for a Christmas House Tour?

laura green xmas 13

Next week on Chalkboard Living:

Laura Green’s Christmas House Tour.

It’s a Map thing. For lovers of maps and kids with an adventurous side.

My last minute Christmas Gift Guide. For all you last minute shoppers. You know who you are.

It’s going to be a great week. Enjoy the weekend!

T xx


10.09.13 OUR HOUSE: Vicky Holmes & her beautifully designed family fun house

Vicky Holmes house

Vicky Holmes is a talented portrait photographer based in Essex who lives in this modern new build with her husband Daniel and daughter Izabel. Since shooting her home, they have since added another beautiful little girl to their family. Lucky Eliza!

When you meet Vicky you feel an instant sense of calm. She’s laid back and smiley and when you get over staring at how naturally beautiful she is, you realise how professional she is, all at the same time. She’s the girl who could live without make up for a year and still look immaculately fresh, bright and beautiful. Just like her house.

Vicky Holmes house

Vicky Holmes house

Vicky Holmes house sitting room

Vicky Holmes Living Room

To see the full house tour, click on the link below.

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07.08.13 My Holiday Stuff: Henry aged 10

I asked the kids this week. What couldn’t you live without on holiday? Here’s what they picked. I love to see the difference in the kids, between what’s most important to them right now.

I’ll post one every day this week. This is the 10 year old gadget boy version 😉

Arsenal, sunglasses, rucksack, ipod, kindle, underwater camera

1. Arsenal Rucksack. It’s a really easy way to store all my essential stuff. And it has a little pocket where you can put your toothbrush and toothpaste. Plus, it’s Arsenal.

2. My Kindle. It’s really good especially on the journey here and at night. I finished all the Doctor Doolittle books and I’m now on my 5th Lemony Snickett!

3. My ipod touch. I watch movies on this and when you’re bored you can play games on it and listen to music. This is probably my favourite holiday item.

4. Underwater Camera. That’s just really good for the pool for taking underwater pictures. It’s my favourite colour blue and it’s just amazing.

5. Sunglasses. They just help me look really cool and obviously shade the sun, which there’s a lot of.

Henry age 10, www.chalkboardliving.com 050813_0462

Photos and styling by Tracey Chalk. Post production on images by Louise Freeland.


21.05.13 The Chalk Diaries: in a flash before your eyes they are older

Kids. They grow up. Fast.

I saw a pin with the words ‘life is what happens whilst you are busy on your smartphone.’ I guess many of us are guilty of this a little. Ok. A lot. While I’ve been AWOL,  my phone had become slightly less attached in the same way and maybe I’ve noticed how quickly the kids were changing. In a good way mostly, but fast, very fast.





seb shoes www.chalkboardliving.com





Later this week I head off into the sunset with a couple of my favourite girls for some time alone. I literally can’t wait. It is perfect timing for what I need right now and I feel like when I come back, I will be a newer fresher version of myself that is totally overdue.  But you know in 4 days those babies can grow up just a little bit more without you realising and when you come back ‘boom’, It’s like you might have well been gone for a whole year. As I said, maybe give your smart phone a holiday for a while. It happens so fast.



03.12.12 It won’t last forever

So while some of you are enjoying the run up to Christmas and the cold crisp weather others are mourning the loss of their homes in floods and freak weather that we have been having around Great Britain and the World. I do feel glum when the sun doesn’t shine so this is for all of you who feel the same. Isn’t it just beautiful?!

“Cold short dark days, it helps to have a reminder that they won’t last forever…….”

Photograph by Louise Freeland. Check out her new blog here.

This photo also reminds me that youth doesn’t last forever. These children grow up so fast. Do one thing today and take a snapshot/photo/instagram of someone you love.  In 5 years time you’ll thank me for the memory…maybe!