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16.04.14 Travel: Hill House Norfolk

hill house norfolk

hill house norfolk

hill house norfolk

A weekend in Norfolk…with the kids. Six adults, 9 children. One word – LUXFUN!

So you have to understand the first thing I type when looking for anything is the word ‘luxury’. I don’t always want or need luxury but without it i seem to pull up the dregs of the internet. Hill House Norfolk however definitely is up there with the term ‘luxury family weekend’.

It’s not often you can rock up to a self catering rental to a giant sized cocktail glass of sweets in the hallway, bottle of champers, and a mountain of lemon meringue cupcakes in the kitchen just waiting for you. This was no ordinary weekend self catering accommodation.

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31.03.14 Panda Party with beads!

panda cake

A panda party. She likes pandas. I like black and white. A panda cake is easy to make! She likes jewellery and making stuff. I like have 3 lovely ladies in my house from Artful Splodgers showing her friends who were unbelievably quiet and focused how to make 5 pieces of jewellery.

birthday party

panda balloon

bead bar

I mean who could not swoon a little over a bead bar in your kitchen?

panda cupcake

Yep. It’s the cutest cupcake in the history of the world. Thanks Louise!


23.01.13 Party: Superhero Party for girls

It’s birthday season coming up for me with two parties in the next month or so and I just can’t resist a good party. It doesn’t matter how small the party is, or how little money is spent but I just love the little details which make all the difference. Here is Kitty’s from last year. We invited her whole class and family friends as it was her first year in school. The first year there’s always that awkward…’who do I invite?’ before they have made any strong groups of friends.  It was manic and crazy but totally fun.

The Theme.

I always plan a theme to my parties, even if it’s just colours, as then it makes it easier to shop and you can be focused on buying the right items. I thought it would be cool to do a Superhero party for Kitty without any traditional superhero characters or logos. We set colours (pink, purple and yellow) to make it more of a girls party but with a nod to the classic figures. (Yellow for Superman/Batman, purple for Batman and pink for the pink power ranger she had seen on TV once?!)

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