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06.05.14 Who dresses your kids? You or them? 5 tips for stubborn kids style

kitty's double sock combo

Sometimes you can tell, sometimes you just can’t. I’ve often heard that little boys don’t care what they wear as long as they are not dressing themselves. I’m sure that’s true for some of you and was certainly the case for my husband and his 3 brothers. It was all about the lazy option and how fast they could get outside to jump out of a tree or cover themselves in mud.

Seb however is definitely more choosy when it comes to outfits. He knows what’s comfy and he knows what you wear to a party. I have never sanctioned the use of general characters on T Shirts outside of pyjama wear but generally the odd vintage style Spiderman black Tee has passed through the net mainly because it’s cool and you have to give a bit, somewhere. Football tops are kept to a bare minimum and sometimes he just asks to be dressed to match his dad. Cute. I doubt that one will last much longer! He has learned his pickiness however not from his dad but his big sister.

Kitty from the age of 2 had definite ideas about what she did and did not want to wear. After dismissing about 90% of her wardrobe I decided that the only way to come out on top was as she grew out of her clothes, I would only replace them with things that could be universally worn with almost everything else and that everything I bought I loved. This then bred a wardrobe of grey, black, white and navy and denim with some colour highlights and print dresses. It was revolutionary.

From then she has developed her own style and consistently continues to make me smile with her choices. I’ve had to let go a little but its like our styles have merged and she has compromised too. She knows her colours and what works well and she loves to be a little different, to make up trends. Check out her double sock combo up top. #yousawitherefirst.

And hey, without even knowing it was Coachella season she finds this flower band from nowhere and decides it time to rock that vibe for a bit.

kitty style

I think if you are concerned about how they look you have to get ahead of the game. Start early. They can be picky very young!

My top tips for a style harmony with your kids

1. Eliminate bad choices

Ok, so Aunty Pam bought you that Skylander T-shirt in flourescent green. Yep, quickly make it a PJ top not a T-shirt. That way you will not have to endure him wearing it day in, day out…in the day at least! Either that or charity shop bad buys before they even realise they are gone. Yes some clothes do get lost in the wash you know…ahem.

2. Buy good basics

Don’t scrimp on badly made cheap basics. I love H & M and Gap for highstreet great basic styles which wash well. Stick to some neutral colours like black, grey, navy white and nudes for chic basics and add in some colours they suit which compliment such as pinks, purples  and greens or red. Kids need some colour.

3. Denim is your friend

Don’t just think jeans, but jackets, waistcoats and shorts can be super chic in denim and its hard wearing and easier to keep clean than most other fabrics. When you do buy jeans make sure you get a good cut. Skinny and straight fitting styles are more fashionable right now.

4. No more shoes from hell!

Tell the assistant after being measured not to bring any shoes out that light up/have diamonds/flowers/sparkles or free make up kits/whatever you don’t like! And guide their available options before they are even aware the full range of what’s available.

5. Let them live a little

I’m all about standing your ground when it comes to clothes but the go naked or wear what i want line cannot work every time. Look out for items you know they’ll love without being too tacky and give them a treat. Some batman T shirts can be cool. Have a little fun. Some fashions are never meant to last that long and the chances are they’ll grow out of it before you get a chance to despise it.

So do your kids dress themselves? And have you ever ‘accidentally lost’ something you didn’t like? Do you tell family and friends not to buy clothes or do they already know better?

I’d love to know!

T xo


25.06.13 Brit Kid Cool: Lola


This one is about to become a full blown toddler…you know terrible 2? Except I think that starts WAY before 2.  She rocks a good fashion though and she’s easy to dress.

Anyone who happily wears wellies on a hot day, (just because they can put them on themselves), obviously doesn’t care what other people think and I kind of like that.

Wellies: Clarks

Leggings: Next

T-shirt: H&M



18.02.13 Kitty’s closet

kittystyle - chalkboardliving.com

Excuse the expression – this girl will never be a model. She does not like her picture being taken, especially not by me, but she may however be a stylist. In years gone by I have cringed and cried in despair over what she will and will NOT wear. In the end I had to stop buying anything I didn’t really love so that whatever crazy combination she came out with, at least I’d like something! Lately though she seems to have been making some pretty good decisions. Last week she was taking ages to get dressed so I went in to their room to find out what was happening and I found her laying out outfits on the floor in combinations to see if they worked. I couldn’t help but smile. It’s not good for any child to be too hung up on fashion but I don’t think she follows any fashion at all, just what she likes and what she doesn’t.

I like how she adds a hat to her outfit, even though we were just indoors.


31.08.12 Brit Kid Cool: Henry

Brit kid style. Out on the street with the cool kids.

Clothes: Trousers and top  – both H&M

Who picks your clothes? Me. (Though his mum adds,  ‘If he looks like a complete fool I intervene!’) Nice one mum. Sometimes i can’t keep away either!

Best dressed person? The Robot in LMFAO

Favourite Sport: Football. Playing and watching.

Favourite Music: Dynamite

Favourite Book: Tiger Wars by Steve Backshall

Favourite Food: Sausages and mash…but no gravy!

 If you want to join in, send a picture of your Brit kid style to me here.