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07.12.12 Because their worth it: Your kids hair questions answered.

We loved making this hair series for you…now here’s your questions answered by our expert stylist Siobhan. Go forth and be hairtastic with your kids this weekend!

Question: I have been told to make a bun for my daughters dance exam and they suggested using a doughnut ring. Help?!

Question: what do i do about nits? They seem to never completely go away.

First things first, if your child has never had nits be prepared. Read this and buy yourself everything you need before you discover them. Then there’s no risk of a late night dash to the pharmacy in an emergency the day before Christmas/your brothers wedding etc…(fill in your own important occasion you really don’t want to discover them un prepared!)

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23.11.12 because they’re worth it: Kids hair guide for long hair

Long hair can be fun and beautiful if kept in good condition. It can also be kind of boring when they wear the same old ponytail everyday. Here’s a few ideas to zhush up your hair repertoire!

option one: Straight – curl  or curl to straight.

If they’ve got straight hair, they’ll like curls for a change and if they have curly hair no doubt at some point they’ll love you to straighten it. As long as it’s not done too often it’s a fun change that doesn’t require much skill. Think about adding a heat spray to protect their hair first if using heated curlers or straighteners.

Option three: the fish plait

To see the rest of the styles and read on click on the link below.

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03.11.12 Because they’re worth it: Styling Curly hair for kids

It’s no secret that most people with curly hair often wish they had straight hair because it would be so much easier sometimes! I say, embrace the crazy curliness and give your child a head to be proud of.

You can do just as many styles with a bit of extra patience and and a bit of practise. Thanks to our stunning model Isabelle, who could not have been more patient. xx

Option One: The 1950’s Rock n Roll Pony

Crimson hairband by Nyoki Handmade

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26.10.12 Because they’re worth it: How to style short hair for kids

So this week it’s all about the Short. I love short hair for girls. It’s neat, funky and easy to maintain, but when they want something different, it’s hard to think of things to do. Here’s a few, just for you.

Option One: (just for fun!) The curled quiff.

Option Two:  Mini Twists or Plaits

Green bow £3 via Little Pips

Beige crochet flower clips £6 by Nyoki Handmade

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