03.11.12 Because they’re worth it: Styling Curly hair for kids

It’s no secret that most people with curly hair often wish they had straight hair because it would be so much easier sometimes! I say, embrace the crazy curliness and give your child a head to be proud of.

You can do just as many styles with a bit of extra patience and and a bit of practise. Thanks to our stunning model Isabelle, who could not have been more patient. xx

Option One: The 1950’s Rock n Roll Pony

Crimson hairband by Nyoki Handmade

Click on the link below to see the rest!

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30.10.12 family hour: halloween ghost meringues

Well if you are off school on half term today like us, this is the perfect opportunity to make something with the kids.

My friend Sarah is amazing. She loves to cook and do stuff everyday with her kids and is a real inspiration to me, so i have to share these ghost meringues she made…in July!  They can be made and the kitchen tidied in under 30 minutes!

You will need:

3 egg whites
150g sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp cream of tartar
Black writing icing or melted chocolate

How to make:

1. Place egg whites and cream of tartar into a bowl (separate egg whites by placing the egg into your hand and opening your fingers until the white has dripped through into a bowl underneath TO KEEP, and you are left holding the yolk, TO BIN, or use for another recipe?!)
2. Whisk until fluffy
3. Add vanilla essence
4. Add sugar a little at a time and whisk again until soft peak stage
5. Spoon mixture into piping bag of food bag with corner cut off
6. Squeeze mixture into ghost shapes onto a greaseproof papered baking tray
7. Cook meringues at 150 degrees for 5-10 mins
8. Once cooled draw face with icing (or melted chocolate)

These are perfect served with fruit kebabs or a big bowl of strawberries!

I totally love how George has to cook naked too! Check out her blog. I love her recipe posts.

TIP: If you’ve got teenagers. They might prefer to make this instead…Ew!

Happy Halloween!



29.10.12 My Room: Nancy, 9 & Hattie, 6

Last week we showed you this beautiful modernised Victorian house. Now we’re showing you the kids colourful rooms!

When you are growing towards those tween/ teen years it’s lovely to be able to have your own room to express your personality and display your own favourite toys and style. The only thing that can beat it is having your sister right next door! Being next door to a sister you love to play with is the best of both worlds. They never feel alone but they have their own space. Both Nancy and Hattie’s rooms are a wonderful expression of their own passions.

When Gill bought the bedroom furniture in the girls rooms it was built to fit into their old house but they have managed to adapt it for this house.

“I like children’s furniture to have a childlike feel but not too twee. I like solid and well made.”

For this creative family it is wonderful to see how the children have had a creative mark on their rooms.

Click on the link below to see the rest!

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26.10.12 Because they’re worth it: How to style short hair for kids

So this week it’s all about the Short. I love short hair for girls. It’s neat, funky and easy to maintain, but when they want something different, it’s hard to think of things to do. Here’s a few, just for you.

Option One: (just for fun!) The curled quiff.

Option Two:  Mini Twists or Plaits

Green bow £3 via Little Pips

Beige crochet flower clips £6 by Nyoki Handmade

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22.10.12 Our house: Gill, Ian, Nancy & Hattie – A modern Victorian Delight

This late Victorian beauty is home to a very talented and creative Gill, her husband Ian and their two lovely daughters Nancy, 9 and Hattie, 6.

When you walk into this family home it’s like getting a feeling of warmth wash over you. It feels loved. There is something endearing about a space that’s lived in as much as it’s loved. Not every magazine and book is on a shelf and not every decorative item is in a minimalist storage cupboard. It’s refreshing. It’s the kind of house you feel happy to walk in, kick your shoes off and curl up on the sofa. The Parquet flooring and original features mixed with classic contemporary furniture welcomes you in and gives you the desire to see more.  Having not realised we knew each other, Gill, who once managed a store of Habitat in the 1990’s, recognised me as one of her Saturday girls almost immediately. Small world! It was a delight to see what I remembered as her passion and love of interiors, displayed in every inch of her home, over a decade after we worked together.

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19.10.12 Because they’re worth it! : Hair styles for your kids

Image: Hair by Siobhan McNamara Montague. Photography by Tracey Chalk. Thanks to Amelie, Isabelle & Kitty

Bored of the same old, same old? Well so probably are they. If you live creating the same 3 hairstyles for school or the weekend, add a little accessory or a twist here and a few grips there and suddenly you have a whole new look for your little offspring. After all they get to play ‘Girls World’ so it’s only fair we play on them! I always fancied myself as a hairdresser…

For the next three Fridays  we’ll show you a few ideas for what to do with their barnet and some gorgeous accessories to finish the look whether it’s short, curly or long and add in some tutorials for all those tricky ones like the fish plait. (Always wanted to learn that one!) Plus we’ll add one final week on for all your children’s hair questions you always wanted to ask to our lovely Stylist Siobhan, so send your questions this way!

Have a wonderful weekend peeps!

Tracey x


18.10.12 H&M : All for Children Collection OUT NOW!

All for Children is a unique collaboration between H&M and UNICEF. Together they are working to protect the rights of some of the poorest children in the world.  Reaching out to more than 2 million children and the adults around them in two projects in India and Bangladesh. 25% of the sales price of our annual All For Children collection and additional donations from H&M fund these projects with around USD 12.5 million.

Items available at H&M and Little Fashion Gallery. Well what are you waiting for?


12.10.12 Fashion Friday: This rocks!

So it’s no secret I’m not a massive fan of branded character clothes but this Minnie hat for a newborn is just way too cool for school…or for Disney maybe.

And for a teeny tiny £3.95 even if they only wear it once it’s not the end of the world! How could you not? Even if it’s only to take a picture to embarrass them when they are older.

It’s all yours via Leah Lovespun in Brighton on Folksy here.

P.S Babies in Santa suits…not Ok.


10.10.12 Out & About: October

02.10.12 The Chalk diaries: Babington House

We made it to 7 years of marriage pretty stress free. 3 bambino’s, 3 houses, and a whole lot of fun. Thanks to my friend Laura #sheisamazeballs #had6kidsallweekend! We took a little trip to Babington House, the Country retreat of the Soho House group. I have always wanted to go. I was not disappointed. If you’ve been you’ll know why, if you haven’t, save up those pennies fifty pound notes. If you like to lounge around reading papers on velvet sofas with a cocktail/latte/pot of tea or swim in a dark infinity pool. (Doesn’t matter if it’s cold outside – there’s steam rising from the surface of the water.) And did I mention the bikes you can borrow for a jaunt around the countryside or the spa or our rooftop hot tub. Sorry. I think you get the point.

It was our first full weekend together sans kids since…well the kids! There’s no cameras (ahem) or phones allowed in the house

so if you want to get the full picture of laid back country glam, go here.

P.S  Happy Magic 7 Chalky. When you taking me back? xx

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