10.09.13 OUR HOUSE: Vicky Holmes & her beautifully designed family fun house

Vicky Holmes house

Vicky Holmes is a talented portrait photographer based in Essex who lives in this modern new build with her husband Daniel and daughter Izabel. Since shooting her home, they have since added another beautiful little girl to their family. Lucky Eliza!

When you meet Vicky you feel an instant sense of calm. She’s laid back and smiley and when you get over staring at how naturally beautiful she is, you realise how professional she is, all at the same time. She’s the girl who could live without make up for a year and still look immaculately fresh, bright and beautiful. Just like her house.

Vicky Holmes house

Vicky Holmes house

Vicky Holmes house sitting room

Vicky Holmes Living Room

To see the full house tour, click on the link below.

When we bought our house it was a complete blank canvas. We like a classic but contemporary style mixed with some vintage, but it’s always hard to know where to start. Daniel has a massive say in driving the design and we have slightly different styles , but it always helps to have a friend who is an Interior Designer. Our good friend Sara Slade really helped by suggesting items, fabrics and wallpaper etc… and helped us follow through on each project. We worked on the house one room at a time as a collaboration, with Sara fine tuning.

Vicky Holmes Lounge

Daniel loves design. I think he gets some of that from his parents, who are estate agents. They have great taste. My favourite room is probably between Izzy’s room and our kitchen / dining room. I love her room because it’s just what I consider a little girl’s dream bedroom.

My favourite design shop is probably Latham’s Home in Epping. A lot of the pieces in my house are from there. I love the whole look and design of the shop.

Vicky Holmes House

Vicky Holmes kitchen

I adore the pink and green combination we used in our open plan kitchen and living space. It’s the same as on my business cards. I have a thing for those colours! The wing chair was my grandmother’s. I used to sit on it as a child and it has great memories for me so I had it re-covered to hold a special place in my own house.

Vicky Holmes house

Bringing Izzy home for the first time made this our family home. We love it here.

Before Eliza came along I could have quite easily sat at the computer for 7 hours straight without having showered when Izzy was at nursery, only breaking quickly for lunch! However now that Eliza is here, and Izabel has started school, a typical day involves getting Izzy up, fed and to school on time. We often drop Izzy off with Eliza still wearing her pyjamas but she doesn’t seem to mind.
If it’s a shoot day I come back and throw down a cuppa and a croissant, wait for one of the Mums to arrive to watch Eliza, then head off out to work. A typical family shoot takes around 1-2 hours. Editing is trickier because I now have to fit it in around Eliza’s sleep times, while still getting the beds made and the house reasonably tidy before Daddy comes home at 6.30!

My favourite time of the day is when we pick Izzy up from school and just enjoy those last couple of hours together at the end of her day before bath, stories and bedtime. I love hearing about what she has done at school and Eliza’s face lights up when she sees her big sister. Because my time is much more occupied now during the day, editing work has started to take over the evenings, but that’s just the nature of being a Mum and trying to run a successful business.

I love what I do, and my girls are my inspiration!

Vicky Holmes House office

I kind of fell into photography. I was really inspired by Vicky Knights who took photos of Iz as a baby. I became driven by wanting to take beautiful images of my own children. I became so inspired to deliver photos for other people that evoke such joy too.  Now I am obsessed with photography and love meeting families and becoming part of their lives for a short while. I once got invited for a sleepover by a 7 year old!

Vicky Holmes house

Vicky Holmes House

Vicky Holmes House

Vicky Holmes House

We are particularly fond of the Soho Hotel in London. Our main bedroom is inspired by a room we stayed in.

Vicky Holmes House bedroom

Vicky Holmes House bedroom

photography books

The hand print is Izabel’s. Apart from the fact wallpaper is difficult to clean, it reminds me so much of her being small so I didn’t want to wash it away completely. When we redecorate I’ll keep the section of wallpaper as a reminder.

handprint on wall

Vicky Holmes House

Vicky Holmes House

The house in the garden was Izabel’s birthday present. It was a bit of a family effort. Friends and family helped to paint it and my mum bought the plants to do the window boxes and made the cushions inside. Making things special for her, makes them special for me.
Vicky Holmes

Images by Louise Freeland.

To enquire about a photoshoot with Vicky. Go and check out her website here.

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  1. Vicki Knights September 10, 2013 at 11:07 am #

    What a beautiful house you have Vicky! Thank you for the shout out. Vx

  2. Tas September 10, 2013 at 4:46 pm #

    What a beautiful and inspirational family home x

    • TraceyChalk September 25, 2013 at 12:39 am #

      I know. Isn’t it just. 😉

  3. Sarah Yewman September 10, 2013 at 9:00 pm #

    Love the statement wallpapers (and the cheeky handprint). Beautiful family home!

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