Essentially British, Chalkboard Living is my vision of a world full of cool stuff + kids. It’s family living in style. It’s about incorporating kids into your life without letting go of your own sense of fashion, style, of design and yep, your sanity, too. And if you’ve never had a sense of style or love for design in the first place? We will inspire you.


Mum to Kitty , Sebastian , and  Lola.

Favourite childhood memory: My dad audio taping me and my sister talking and singing when we were both pre school age. I ate the microphone speaker and got shouted at on tape. I’m pretty sure not much has changed.

Favourite TV/Film as a child: Lassie but my mum stopped me watching it because I cried all the way through. Yep, like every episode from the theme tune onwards.

Blossom. As a teenager. I so wanted to be her. To me she was the epitome of cool.

Other contributors featured:

★ VICKY HOLMES – photographer


Mum to Izabel and Eliza

Photographing children and families and creating beautiful images that make people happy is my labour of love.

Best childhood Memory: Spending time at our family beach hut in Frinton, which we still have now.

Best TV/Film as a child: E.T. I remember watching it at school one Christmas as a treat. I totally cried.


Mum to Henry , Phoebe  and Arabella.

I’m passionate about photography. I love to document life as it unfolds, the details of life, one frame at a time.

Favourite childhood memory: My mum driving round in her car behind me when I rode my bike because I was an only child we lived on a busy road!

Favourite TV/ film as a child: Playschool. My mum cancelled my ballet lessons because I got upset that I kept missing it! I’m not sure video recording had been invented then!


★ Caroline Smith

Writer, mum to Mia,  and Nancy.


Favourite childhood memory: Our first holiday abroad when i was seven. Mum wouldn’t fly so my dear dad used to drive us everywhere. We went to Sweden with the car and on an overnight boat and I remember being so totally amazed that I could have cake (Danish pastries!) for breakfast. It was an amazing holiday.
Favourite TV/film: Star wars and Bugsy Malone. I knew them both word for word!

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