Archive - March, 2014

31.03.14 Panda Party with beads!

panda cake

A panda party. She likes pandas. I like black and white. A panda cake is easy to make! She likes jewellery and making stuff. I like have 3 lovely ladies in my house from Artful Splodgers showing her friends who were unbelievably quiet and focused how to make 5 pieces of jewellery.

birthday party

panda balloon

bead bar

I mean who could not swoon a little over a bead bar in your kitchen?

panda cupcake

Yep. It’s the cutest cupcake in the history of the world. Thanks Louise!


25.03.14 Oh to be Seven

Queen Kitty

snot girl


Queen Kitty, so carefree, so filled with love and leadership. She loves to laugh, dance, sing and cuddle. She loves to be cool, to wear what she pleases, to tell her siblings what to do. Queen Kitty surrounded by her snot nosed helper, her shadow, her Lola. With so much love for her brother, they sleep in the same bed still sometimes…”as a treat because it’s Kitty’s birthday!” he says. I love her style, her tenacity, her confidence, her ability to create whole new worlds in her mind and then to relax enough to slob and watch TV and think that one day she could do that – that job they are doing .  Her vision, her annoyance already at 7 at the voice i do when i talk in a video. Do I even do another voice ? Apparently so.

I miss this place, this space to share and connect, to record. i think it’s time for some work to be done. Anyone want to see her panda jewellery party?