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20.11.13 Is it a bird? Is it a toy? No it’s a shoe: Skribbies


Recently we got sent a pair of Skribbies for the kids to check out. They are kind of like a fun toy that you can wear. A never ending colouring pad, well until the pens wear out and the stickers fall off.

Hence. The kids went wild fighting for a turn. Luckily there are two sneakers in a pair. Who said matching was cool anyway?


In a box you get high top sneakers, pens and stickers and the slogan is “draw, wipe, draw.” And so we did.


We drew, wiped, stuck on stickers and created masterpieces. Ahem. I say we as in ‘the Royal WE’…ie. The kids.

scribbies stickers



NOT matching.


But someone liked their design.


Hmm…boys?! Really. She’s 6.

Is it a toy or is it a shoe? Well they are fun and entertaining and probably more creative way to avoid boredom in the doctors office/waiting room/dinner table than playing on an iphone. And if you don’t mind some dodgy art on display they look kind of funky.

They are more for fun than fashion but I think you need to like them without any art too though as the pictures do wipe away easily. Mine would have loved a permanent marker to keep their favourite drawings on the shoes! They make quite a good second pair as Seb wanted to take them into school to show his friends for PE. They definitely beat the humble plimsoll on that score!

Check out the full Skribbies range here.

*I did not get paid to write this review but they didn’t want the shoes returned…I wonder why ever not?!







04.11.13 My Morning: Louise Freeland

My Morning: Louise Freeland

Louise Freeland is an uber talented British photographer, who lives in England with her husband and three children. She also has an allotment and a job in Veterinary management to keep her busy! Here’s one of her mornings.

My weekend mornings always start a little later. They are a catch up to the craziness of the working and schooling week. On a Saturday it all kicks off around 8am because the kids all generally have a lie in. Sometimes there is some bed switching around and we find them sleeping together or having swapped beds! It’s lovely and gives me a chance to catch up on a little reading in bed. My kindle is one of my favourite things. This morning I just finished ‘The Light Between The Oceans’ by M.L. Steadman.

My Morning: Louise Freeland

My Morning: Louise Freeland

Once everyone has woken up there is generally a little bit of lolling around from the kids before breakfast.

My Morning: Louise Freeland

After breakfast it’s a rush to get Hen ready for football and get him there on time. When we get home the girls and I have a little playtime. I love being outside. It’s where I take most of my pictures and we also have an allotment. If the weather is good enough, a little time outside every day is really important.

My Morning: Louise Freeland

Because it’s a day I’m not doing the 9-5, I always find time to work on my photos, either taking or editing, whilst the girls do some kind of crafting. This Saturday was painting…with glitter!

My Morning: Louise Freeland

Then it’s time to tidy up the mess and prepare lunch or get it ready for later, before we pick Hen up from football for noon.

My Morning: Louise Freeland

All images above were taken  by Louise using her iphone. You can view Lou’s portfolio of work at Louise Freeland Photography or take a look at one of her house tours she shot for us.

Thank you for sharing your morning Louise!