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28.06.13 Fashion Friday: Bloesem Wear

bloesem wear pearls

I have been a long time fan of Irene Hoofs and her Bloesem Blogs, especially B:kids. Kitty has a butterfly necklace from her first ever jewellery collection and she has now launched a new collection including these pearls for girls. I love how all her jewellry is handmade by Irene herself in Singapore, although she ships anywhere in the World and she uses genuine silver, gold and semi-precious stones in her pieces giving a fresh take on some classic staples.

I’m really not a massive lover of pearls but how she has used the pink to thread these makes this adult version contemporary and cool.

bloesem wear adult pearl

Check out the rest of the collection of Bloesem Wear here.


25.06.13 Brit Kid Cool: Lola


This one is about to become a full blown toddler…you know terrible 2? Except I think that starts WAY before 2.  She rocks a good fashion though and she’s easy to dress.

Anyone who happily wears wellies on a hot day, (just because they can put them on themselves), obviously doesn’t care what other people think and I kind of like that.

Wellies: Clarks

Leggings: Next

T-shirt: H&M



24.06.13 Ascot Hair Results

So you liked this

Ascot hats / ascot hair

and this

Ascot hair

In practice it went a little something like this…


Hair prep the night before by Jonny and Keely at sdbhair. Babysitting to make it all possible by the M.I.L!

Hope you all had a lucky weekend.

T xo


14.06.13 Fashion Friday: Mama’s off to Ascot

People help the people. Next week I’m off to Ascot to hang with the horses and some well practised champagne drinking crazies. Give me a hand here. Which look?

Ascot hats and hairstyles

Thanks to my friend and amazeballs hairdresser Zoe at Silhouette du Barry. She came up with a few looks for you to choose. The plan is perhaps for the salon prep the hair the night before and now that she has shown me how to style all 3, I should be able to do the rest myself in the morning. Eek! So help me out and cast a vote.

1. Cute and Curly

2. Sophisticated Sexy

3. Sultry Gatsby Vintage

Ta! Mwah! x


05.06.13 The Chalk Diaries: Just another day in paradise

paradise mykonos

I’m back and focused on this thing called life. I miss the sunshine and the silence. The silence filled my head with a thousand ideas and yet gave me a serenity in my crazy head.


I read.

Lived a little.

I watched. Soaked in the beauty.

And explored just a little.

The trip was made by the hotel. Words cannot express, so i’ll post separately. I’m almost scared to share the secret in case it becomes fully booked for the next decade. Yes it really was that good.

Geez i needed it.

How have you been?