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21.05.13 The Chalk Diaries: in a flash before your eyes they are older

Kids. They grow up. Fast.

I saw a pin with the words ‘life is what happens whilst you are busy on your smartphone.’ I guess many of us are guilty of this a little. Ok. A lot. While I’ve been AWOL,  my phone had become slightly less attached in the same way and maybe I’ve noticed how quickly the kids were changing. In a good way mostly, but fast, very fast.

seb shoes

Later this week I head off into the sunset with a couple of my favourite girls for some time alone. I literally can’t wait. It is perfect timing for what I need right now and I feel like when I come back, I will be a newer fresher version of myself that is totally overdue.  But you know in 4 days those babies can grow up just a little bit more without you realising and when you come back ‘boom’, It’s like you might have well been gone for a whole year. As I said, maybe give your smart phone a holiday for a while. It happens so fast.