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29.04.13 A talk about: Life

confetti gkfw

Hmmm I’ve been a bit MIA this month huh?!

Sometimes I have the feeling that we are pieces of tiny confetti free falling through life wondering where we may land. When free falling it can be hard to focus, or the opposite. Focusing so hard on one thing that everything else seems blurry and out of focus. Now on reading this you either know this feeling or you don’t. If you don’t, high five. It’s not always a good feeling. If you do, then I probably need say no more. And I’m not even 40 yet. Do people have mid 30 crisis’?!

I guess something had to give a little and after probably 4 years of blogging in some form, thinking about blogging, planning my posts, meeting people who blog, taking photos, blah blah I decided instead to just well not do it for a day or two. This turned into a few more days and woah, a month later after lots of pokes and prods and lovely emails (thank you lovely people) I am well here! Let me tell you it was refreshing. I went to the gym…lots, started running, bought a pair of jeans in size 10 (hello!!!) went to bed early, with said husband…almost unheard of, drank wine, listened to lots of music, watched films, read books, planned my next tattoo, went crazy and lived a little. I kind of loved it, but then I kind of missed this right here –  but  – it’s insanely possible to lose days if not weeks of your life to one single post.

Anyway, if you are still reading this you are probably yawning. Apologies again. I’m done.

Here’s what to expect: As of Friday May 5th

Two (awesomely curated and edited! ) posts a week planned for Mondays and Fridays. In brief:

Mondays – Homes and People

Fridays – Fashion and Kids stuff

Plus a few cheeky surprises for those who like to pop in midweek, possibly stuff to think or chat about if you like the way I wang on about life and the universe. Though feel free to join me on bloglovin or get an email subscription ( just add your address in the box to your right…yep keep looking) if you want it direct to your inbox.

Plus if you are an instagram lover like me you’ll know I never stopped taking pictures. Come and say hi.

Mostly I’ve realised that life is a little bit of rock and roll and we should embrace and experience and enjoy. Life is short people! That and you can never kiss your kids too much 😉

Tracey xo