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14.03.13 Fashion: In the post…Global Kids Fashion Week

gkfw global kids fashion week invite

It is always exciting to get post that isn’t a bill but I think this little invite is my favourite item of post yet this year. I’m so excited to attend Global Kids Fashion Week 2013 in association with Alex and Alexa next week. Check me out on instagram next Tuesday when I’ll be showing you some of the fun live from my instagram feed.

This is the first ever event of it’s kind with designers including Paul Smith JNR, Chloe, Little Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger, Fendi, Roberto Cavalli and Missoni taking part. Oh now  – what to wear?!



11.03.13 The Chalk Diaries: Happy Mothers Day from your daughter

Tracey Chalk's mum -

Happy mother’s day fellow mamas.

Today I think of my mother and I am immediately overcome with a wash of sadness which is …unusual. I no longer think of her daily but next year marks 20 years since I saw her. That’s a long time.

Today I think of you and say thank you for being strict, for loving me. I definitely knew I was loved. Thanks for letting me have my ears pierced a month before you died. A month earlier than I should have been allowed. I was still 15 and you were adamant we waited until 16 but then I guess you ran out of time. I think it’s pretty cool what you did though. You threw the rule book at the window and laughed in the face of death staring back at you and let me do it. Just so you could could see me grow up that little bit more before you left. I want you to know I still remember that and I like it. It makes me smile.

I no longer cry when I think of you. (Except of course right now but hey it feels good.) I smile. I’m happy I belonged to you and no one else. You will always be a part of me and that means you will be a part of my children too. Even if they don’t know it, even if they never really care. I know, I care. Everyone is born and everyone dies. I get it. I like that too. I’m with peace about all that stuff.

Did you realise when you carried me inside your tummy that you also carried my children too? Because a girl baby has all it’s eggs inside it’s womb, that it will ever have before it is born. I think that’s kind of freaky but cool too.

I like how you were as beautiful when you died as when you were young. I wish I knew you then. I think you would have been a pretty rad person to hang out with. In fact I think you’d still be a pretty cool person to hang out with now. In the rose tinted spectacles that grief leaves behind once it has passed through I think I loved everything about you, though I know it can’t be true, but for the life of me I cannot remember a single thing now I didn’t like. You are forever rose tinted. I kind of like that too.

I love the picture of you above. I think it may be my favourite. Someone recently told me a fabulous story about your 21st birthday party. It made me so happy to hear it – like uncovering a secret diary you wrote, except you didn’t. Shame. I might write it down one day soon.

So there’s the thing. I’ve started writing some stuff down too. I have this book. I’ve started writing lists. If I die tomorrow I want my kids to know who my pets were when I was little and inane random facts like that as much as I want them to know which were the best days of my life and my first boyfriend. I think everyone should do that -write stuff down.

Ok that’s it for today. I guess I just wanted to say thanks. It was good while it lasted.

And look what the kids brought me back…

my mother's day flowers

I’m pretty happy, lucky and all that other stuff most people feel on a daily basis when they look at their darling kids and realise each and every one of them is happy and healthy too. Long may it last.

I hope all of you have the good fortune to feel happy and lucky today too. Today was a blip of deep and meaningful…wah wah wah, but I promise I’m back to house tours and new cool features on the blog next week.

Enjoy this week. I can feel it’s going to be a good’un!

Tracey x



08.03.13 Fashion Friday: Like mother, like daughter


Snap! Not sure if matching with your kids is really a cool thing or not? If it floats your boat children’s fashion is imitating adults more and more these days.

Sass and Bide ‘See the Story’ sequin dress £ 475 at Sass and Bide

If you desire you can twingo it up with whatever budget is left for your bambini!

Dolce and Gabbana gold sequin shift dress £452 at Alex and Alexa

C de C Frada Dress £24.25 in the sale at Little Fashion Gallery


05.03.13 T- shirt of the Day


goodbye kitty t shirt

Goodbye Kitty T-shirt from Daan & Lotje

I wonder if my Kitty would find this funny? I think Sebby might!


01.03.13 Fashion Friday: Gant SS13…Do you remember your childhood like this?

I have fallen in love with the lookbook I got sent from the American company GANT. Their pieces are generally preppy and neat but I love how they have embraced their Spring/Summer collection with a feeling of Summer. I can remember vague flickers of running around free as a bird, as a young child. Looking at this brought back memories. Hazy hot summers, visiting friends and seeking out the local town boys or playing hide and seek in the woods with the other children, on a late night camp with my dad. Honestly, I cannot imagine my children having that freedom or me allowing them to have roaming time without parents but I guess they are still young and times must change!

Gant SS13



Was your childhood like this and what age do you let your kids explore the world without you right next to them the whole time?