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22.02.13 Bubble London January 2013

billieblush pompoms - chalkboardliving

Bubble London once again took over the Business Design Centre in Islington to show the waiting trade and press its Autumn Winter 2013 collections.  Check out my favourite displays and brands for the coming Autumn Winter season. (Pom pom display at Billie blush which if you like a touch of pink neon in your clothes you’d be happy here!)

Dandy Star Bat sweater

Dandy Star had me at Batman. This fine cute sweater would look great with jeans or equally with a rock chick yellow tutu and seriously I need one of their POP prints in my life too.

beau loves bubble

The wonderful brand Beau loves wowed with their collection inspired by 4 year old Beau himself. He asked for wings for his birthday and bam a collection was made. I’m super excited to see the launch of their bedding range too later this year. First dibs please Beau!…

Tutu Du Monde never fails to inspire and woo me with its ‘meeting Miss Havisham’ esque glitter numbers drenched in romance and beauty. Sigh!

tutu du monde pink playsuit

Tutu du Monde


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18.02.13 Kitty’s closet

kittystyle -

Excuse the expression – this girl will never be a model. She does not like her picture being taken, especially not by me, but she may however be a stylist. In years gone by I have cringed and cried in despair over what she will and will NOT wear. In the end I had to stop buying anything I didn’t really love so that whatever crazy combination she came out with, at least I’d like something! Lately though she seems to have been making some pretty good decisions. Last week she was taking ages to get dressed so I went in to their room to find out what was happening and I found her laying out outfits on the floor in combinations to see if they worked. I couldn’t help but smile. It’s not good for any child to be too hung up on fashion but I don’t think she follows any fashion at all, just what she likes and what she doesn’t.

I like how she adds a hat to her outfit, even though we were just indoors.


17.02.13 Sass and Bide – my ultimate dinner party guests

sass and bide mums

So it’s true I have a mild crush on ‘Sass and Bide‘.  You know, Heidi Middleton (Bide) and Sarah-Jane Clarke (Sass) of the famous Australian brand. They’re on my ultimate dinner party list and that says a lot because the other people on the list flit in and out from year to year but they always seem to survive the cut. I cannot help but have respect for them and what they have achieved and how I admire/covet?/just plain love their sense of style. I think they have different styles but they compliment each other. Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t wear everything they design but then I wouldn’t have worn everything Carrie Bradshaw wore either because let’s face it…it’s nice to wear things that reflect your own sense of style and not someone else’s.

Aside from that, I just wanted to share this image live from their A/W 13 show at London Fashion Week. Because kids, this for me is what’s it’s all about! Have a family, love your kids, do something you love and retain your sense of style and individuality in the process. Not easy but they seem to pull it off pretty well don’t you think?

Check out their latest collection Wintergate filmed live from London. Now tell me those chicks don’t have style.

And what do you know…they ship to the UK.

So whose top of your ultimate dinner party list?



16.02.13 Zara Kids

Zara Kids BOY

Zara kids GIRL

I always love to see what Zara do for each kids collection. They are one of my favourite places to shop for the kids. Their clothes are often beautiful, on trend, contain not so much pink I can’t cope and at a reasonable price,  especially considering how much they get worn. Their online video lookbook is absolutely beautiful too. Sitting here and writing this in the snow, it makes me yearn for sunshine.

Zara kids digital lookbook video


14.02.13 Happy Valentines Day Sweethearts

Hey there lovelies!

mini rodini heart jacket - chalkboardliving

Well I didn’t realise I had quite so many pictures to edit for my Stockholm kids post, so while you wait, i’ll give you this sweet gem of visual wonder for Valentine’s Day instead. A little heart jacket from Mini Rodini I spied in NK Stockholm.

We are not ones to really celebrate Valentines in our house but I’ll be giving my kids some extra kisses and maybe some heart shaped sandwiches for lunch! Do you celebrate with your kids? I’d love to know.

Tracey x


12.02.13 Stockholm Design Tour : Meet the Blogger

Tiina of Elcestockholm guided us on a City Design tour around Stockholm to meet with the owners, designers and artists involved in four of the most inspiration design hotspots in Stockholm. My favourite without a doubt had to be the seductively simplistic and creative office and store of blogger and Stylist Lotta Agaton.

tassle decoration at Lotta Agaton shop

black balloons at Lotta Agaton Store

A woman with a love of black and white, who ties black balloons to bottles of San Pellegrino is a woman after my own heart. Her space is functional yet beautiful and i was particularly taken with the pom pom banner mainly for its neutral colour, mixed with metallics – perfect for Kitty’s room one day?! She collects items she loves from around the world to adorn her walls because the space is her office as well as a shop selling items she loves only on a Thursday every week. If you are in Stockholm on a Thursday I highly recommend you take a trip even if just for the inspiration and you’d be hard pushed not to be tempted by some of the fantastic prints she sells. The space is an education in Simple Scandinavian Design.

candle holder Lotta Agaton Store

This is what a party really looks like. Not neat and tidy for long!

In fact there was a little party at every stop. It was awful as you can imagine.


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11.02.13 Meet the blogger Stockholm

View of Stockholm from Moderna Museet

Last weekend I said goodbye to my sleeping babies (always hard to do) and flew to Sweden for Meet the Blogger Stockholm. I had the aim of connecting with some wonderful people, learning lots and of course a bit of design shopping in possibly my favourite City in the world. It was my third time in Stockholm and it won’t be my last. I came back relaxed from time away but with a head full of ideas and inspiration.

Scandic Grand Central Lobby

Scandic Grand Central Photo booth

Face products at the Scandic Grand Central

bathroom Scandic Grandic Central

I stayed at the Scandic Grand Central Stockholm, where the event was hosted and fully enjoyed the laid back design and media vibe with the eclectic and cool furniture and acoustic DJ sets playing in the bar and the lobby of an evening. The event itself began listening to inspiration from the fabulously colourful Will from Bright Bazaar and learning about the creative process from Thea and Toni Neubauer of Sister Mag. A genius pairing of creativity and business and yes they really are sisters.


Meet the blogger Stockholm

I loved meeting the team behind Heart Home magazine. This is the wonderful British homes and design online magazine championing British designers and small British companies and as always learning how much work it takes to create a magazine from scratch and why collaboration is so important. My workshop on photography by the ridiculously lovely Jeanette Lunde of byFryd magazine was a real learning experience and made even more special because I love her work (and her house!) but I was gutted to miss out on Kirsten Jassies Visual Storytelling, though she kindly uploaded her presentation for all those who missed it here.

Jeanette Lunde photography practice workshop

It’s really enlightening to hang out with so many creative people and so I give a massive shout out to all the new friends I have made and some big love to my travel and dinner buddies. I totally dig this International jetsetter life…I think it suits me.

Tueday: I’ll be back with the highlights of the Design tour of Stockholm on Day 2

Wednesday : Don’t miss my top places to shop for kids in Stockholm!

Tracey x




10.02.13 Chalkboard Diaries: A crazy week

Sometimes you have weeks, fortnights, months that are just crazy and this for me was one of them. In the last two weeks I went to Bubble London to check out all the new stuff coming out for Autum Winter 13, flew to Stockholm for Meet the Blogger Stockholm event, had Seb’s 4th birthday Robot Party, two friends birthday  bashes and am now looking forward to a week of chilling out!

So this week:

Monday – (Homes/Design)

I’ll tell you all about Meet the Blogger Stockholm and our Design Tour

Wednesday – (kid stuff)

The best places to shop for kids in Stockholm

Friday – (fashion)

My edit of the best kids fashion to watch out for from Bubble London.

Have a great week party people!

Tracey x