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29.01.13 OUR HOUSE: Charlotte, Nicky & Lorelai and their light & bright colourful renovation.

Charlotte, an acupuncturist, her husband Nicky and baby Lorelai  have lived in this 1960’s renovated bungalow for 6 years.  After extensively renovating the whole house, extended the ground floor and re-designed the upstairs they are looking forward to kicking back and enjoying the fruits of their labour and they certainly deserve it. A passion for the bold and the bright and a love of bathroom design has transformed this home into an oasis. A light breeze floats through the house the day we shot these images and the bi fold doors to the outside space capture perfectly the essence of the house. It’s fresh, it’s bright and it’s full of love.

Our house is modern, with a homely, practical feel. Originally it was built in the 1960’s as a bungalow, and a dorma added in the 80’s.  Now we have totally renovated it, we love how it feels fresh and bright, even when it’s cold and grey outside!

Our favourite room has to be the kitchen as we are in here all the time. We wanted it to be sunny and bright and we like having people over so it was important that it was a social space too.

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23.01.13 Party: Superhero Party for girls

It’s birthday season coming up for me with two parties in the next month or so and I just can’t resist a good party. It doesn’t matter how small the party is, or how little money is spent but I just love the little details which make all the difference. Here is Kitty’s from last year. We invited her whole class and family friends as it was her first year in school. The first year there’s always that awkward…’who do I invite?’ before they have made any strong groups of friends.  It was manic and crazy but totally fun.

The Theme.

I always plan a theme to my parties, even if it’s just colours, as then it makes it easier to shop and you can be focused on buying the right items. I thought it would be cool to do a Superhero party for Kitty without any traditional superhero characters or logos. We set colours (pink, purple and yellow) to make it more of a girls party but with a nod to the classic figures. (Yellow for Superman/Batman, purple for Batman and pink for the pink power ranger she had seen on TV once?!)

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16.01.13 Part Two: The wooden pram shopping edit

So I showed you Lola’s new wooden pram here yesterday. Here’s the best of the rest.

1.Wooden dolls pram (same as Lola’s but in ‘blue’, though looks a bit more purple to me!) £59.99 at Amazon

2. Pintoy Pink Pram £32.99 at Spotty Green Frog

3. Moulin Roty Wicker Pram £68 at Alex and Alexa

4. Moover wooden pram £64.95 at Lula Sapphire . Also available in red. (This was originally my first choice but when I saw it in a shop in person it is very small. Perfect for a 1 year old…maybe too small for a 3 year old?)

5. Minikane Pousette with black stars. Uber stylish! €50 at Laurette

6.  Moulin Roty Purple patterned wooden pushchair £80 at Alex and Alexa ( They also do a gorgeous pram version here.)

Ok, so one of them isn’t wooden but it was too darn cute not to include it. Have you ever seen a more perfect pushchair for little space inspired little boys and girls? There are not many pink ones on my list either as if you want pink you should  find them easily enough, well everywhere! A good option if you do want a luxury pink model is the Silver Cross Classic Pink Dolls Pram here.

So which is you favourite?


15.01.13 wooden Dolls Pram for Lola : Part One

The search for our pram was not simple. I looked at many options because I didn’t want a pink one. It had to be a good height, sturdy, practical and beautiful. Voila! This is what we got.

After several trips out and a failed order of a different pram I’m pretty happy with the one we ended up with. The Elliot Wooden Pram via Amazon.

It’s gender neutral, stylish, sturdy and has wheels attached by one metal rod which means the wheels don’t keep coming unscrewed as with our last wooden pram we had for Kitty. I reckon you could fit 8 or so dolls/teddies for those days when only handfuls of toys will suffice. It has no blankets or pillows which suits me fine but it would probably be fun to make one with your own fabric of choice if you were feeling crafty…or just buy/use a pram blanket. It came already together with just the handle to attach. That’s my kind of DIY.

I think the Maileg bunnies are happy. The big bunny we got new from Alex and Alexa. We put her the pram ready for when she opened it on Christmas day.

Though I think I love her more than Lola does.

This is definitely one to keep for the grand kids.

Part Two tomorrow: My edited list of the best wooden pushchairs/prams out there.


10.01.13 List mania

I have several lists that I’m still adding to. I’m a list addict. They make me feel super organised and not at all like an out of control mother of 3. Currently i have lists for me, big stuff, small stuff, lists for my house, lists for professional goals, lists for shopping, lists for lists…get my point! 2013 I’m thinking big. Really BIG like lying on a beach without kids…how, where, when, who?! Who cares…it’s on the list waiting to be ticked.

Here’s a few whilst I’m in the sharing mood. In no particular order.

1. Write a will.

2. Go camping.

3. Have a facial (I am 34 and have NEVER had one. Need to find out if i am missing out!)

4. Complete a photography project. (Oh wait i just signed up for this beauty.)

5. Learn French so i can be fluently conversational…in France!

6. Clear the cupboard room. Way overdue.

7. Teach Kitty to ride her bike without stabilisers.

8. Lie on a beach sans kids. I said I was thinking big!

9. Cook something new every month.

10. Get a cleaner. Life is too short.

11. Watch all the programmes we have stored on out Sky planner. Yes including Homeland Series One!

12. Own something by Sass and Bide. I dig them.

13. Go to bed earlier. Much earlier.

14. Find a good babysitter.

15. Sort out all my magazines.

16. Organise all our photos into books and back up online.

17. Sell or give away everything we do not need, love or use!

18. Do random acts of kindness every week, month?

19. Take the kids swimming more.

20. Get fit, exercise more, eat less. Except really good cake or roast dinners. They don’t count.

21. Check emails/social media only twice a day. Hard.

22. Get my vintage chair cushion covered.

23. Find a way to make this possible.

24. Or maybe just make this possible.


A personal excerpt for you.  Have you got any of these on yours?




06.01.13 Hey there 2013!

As some of you know, neither of my parents are alive and we have lots of family and friends around who are always asking about the kids. I find your parents are the anchor to the rest of your family and without them it is easy to drift away. I like making photo cards as it gives an opportunity for all those who we rarely see a chance to connect with us. (In person they are beautiful, my dodgy night photos don’t quite do them justice.)

Photo cards aren’t very big in the UK and as such I ended up trying out Pinhole Press.  It’s an American company. In the States they seem to have much better choice of quality paper items and often ship in the same time a UK company would and at very competitive prices and I love the results of what we made. ( I have to tell you i tried at least 4 times to get a kids ‘christmassy’ shot but having 3 it is HARD – Hence the mash up but i kind of like it anyway!) I’d love to know if anyone has found a good UK designer/printer for things like these.

There’s something about a new year that I love. I love the feeling of a new start, the possibilities. I love packing away the decorations and taking everything down. It makes the house seem so much bigger and allows time for that big clean. We packed up this weekend and the kids enjoyed picking everything off the tree, as Lola had done herself practically the whole of December. One section at the bottom of our tree was almost constantly completely bare. We kept finding the decorations in the toilet, playroom, fridge…you name it. It is nice to move on and say goodbye to things for another year knowing the anticipation and happiness they will bring in only 11 months time.

I’m sensing 2013 is going to BIG and I’m just tweaking my lists. I encourage everyone to make a list of things they want to do, see, eat, achieve over the next year as it gives you such a great drive of inspiration to kick January off with. I can tell you we’ve already ticked a few things off!

I’ll be back this week to show you some of the things on my list. It’s a fresh new start and I can hardly wait!

See ya 2012…Hey there 2013…I’m coming to get you! xx