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25.12.12 Merry Christmas


17.12.12 Shoptalk: House of Allegra

Yuen Li decided she couldn’t go back to the Corporate world in London after having her daughter Allegra. After searching for individual clothes to suit her daughter and finding them not so freely available she started House of Allegra to offer a small but alternative collection of brands to offer an individual approach for children. Meeting Yuen in her home was an inspiration.  The daily balance of the working mum.

Yuen: House of Allegra is ever evolving. Keeping the website current is a full time job in itself and I often have items that are not available on the website which people contact me direct for. It was hard in the beginning. I had to do lots of research. It was basically a year of learning – taking photos, learning about all the legal stuff, copyright, photoshop, everything. I wanted to find premium brands but not too high end. I want to see items on trend, but not so much that it goes out of fashion easily. I started small but looked for the details that made a difference. It is what I see when I look for clothes. The little tiny something that makes an item special.

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07.12.12 Because their worth it: Your kids hair questions answered.

We loved making this hair series for you…now here’s your questions answered by our expert stylist Siobhan. Go forth and be hairtastic with your kids this weekend!

Question: I have been told to make a bun for my daughters dance exam and they suggested using a doughnut ring. Help?!

Question: what do i do about nits? They seem to never completely go away.

First things first, if your child has never had nits be prepared. Read this and buy yourself everything you need before you discover them. Then there’s no risk of a late night dash to the pharmacy in an emergency the day before Christmas/your brothers wedding etc…(fill in your own important occasion you really don’t want to discover them un prepared!)

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03.12.12 My Room : Ella age 5

Ella is 5 and lives with her Interior designer mum, dad, big brother Joseph and Lottie the dog. If you’ve been paying attention, she’s the final part of our Green family house tour and as they say ‘last but not least’.  It’s a dreamy space with the emphasis on a lot of off white to combat the pink bits, some pretty fairy lights and interesting ornaments and of course when you have a beautiful fireplace with tall ceilings and windows it finishes off any room perfectly. If only we could all live in a room like Ella’s the world might be a lovelier place to hang out.

I love purple, pink and red like my favourite toys, bunny and Minnie. I have lots of bunny rabbits in my room. The one by the tea set is a light and the mask i made with my friend when I went to the Lollibop festival.

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03.12.12 It won’t last forever

So while some of you are enjoying the run up to Christmas and the cold crisp weather others are mourning the loss of their homes in floods and freak weather that we have been having around Great Britain and the World. I do feel glum when the sun doesn’t shine so this is for all of you who feel the same. Isn’t it just beautiful?!

“Cold short dark days, it helps to have a reminder that they won’t last forever…….”

Photograph by Louise Freeland. Check out her new blog here.

This photo also reminds me that youth doesn’t last forever. These children grow up so fast. Do one thing today and take a snapshot/photo/instagram of someone you love.  In 5 years time you’ll thank me for the memory…maybe!