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31.08.12 Brit Kid Cool: Henry

Brit kid style. Out on the street with the cool kids.

Clothes: Trousers and top  – both H&M

Who picks your clothes? Me. (Though his mum adds,  ‘If he looks like a complete fool I intervene!’) Nice one mum. Sometimes i can’t keep away either!

Best dressed person? The Robot in LMFAO

Favourite Sport: Football. Playing and watching.

Favourite Music: Dynamite

Favourite Book: Tiger Wars by Steve Backshall

Favourite Food: Sausages and mash…but no gravy!

 If you want to join in, send a picture of your Brit kid style to me here.


29.08.12 Let’s talk about: Thumbs…to suck or not to suck?

So a question or six for you lovely people today. Did you suck your thumb as a child? Do you still? Did it ruin your teeth? Did your mum put ‘stop and grow’ on your nails to stop you?! Did it work? Does your child suck their thumb and do you care?

So both my girls have a penchant for thumb sucking. I can’t say it bothers me, yet. They are both young, Kitty rarely does it unless she is tired or about to sleep and Lola is a bambino still,  but on hearing someone tell me the other day

“you want to get that thumb out her mouth quick!”

I wondered what experiences others had to promote such a comment from a stranger.

I can tell you that i am a pretty laid back person. The comment didn’t bother me. It flew over my head somewhere but just managed to hang above me long enough to find me intrigued for others views on the matter.

So people of the World. To suck or not to suck? (And i mean thumbs, not lollies…;) And should i in fact care?



22.08.12 Family Hour: Pasta Jewellery

Family Hour: Stuff to do with your kids in under an hour. Turn off the TV, shut down the computer and do something together. You know it makes sense.

So a week or so ago i found myself looking after 6 children. What on earth, i thought to myself, can i do to entertain 6 ?! Make pasta jewellery of course!

Even the boys after their initial reluctance got totally into the whole making and designing. After all surfer dudes always wear cool wristbands and necklaces.

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21.08.12 The Chalk Diaries: Time out

I went to a festival this weekend with some friends. We hung out, ate halloumi and rocket rolls, dranks Pimms and mojito’s, danced, sung and chilled out in the sun . It was hot, it was fun and it’s pretty much what every mum or dad looking after 3 bambilino’s needs to do every once in a while. I’d highly recommend it.

Tomorrow I’ll show you how to make pasta necklaces. Don’t underestimate how much fun that can be too!

Tracey xo


17.08.12 Fashion Friday: Celebrate in Gold

So the Olympics is over (weep…what to do now?!) and hey Team GB managed to get an amazing 29 golds which when you take into account population size, well let’s just say we totally rock. I’m celebrating and looking forward to the Paralympics. I loved making the kids stand for the National Anthem when we had someone on the podium. I’m thinking they may even know the words! Not that i can ever sing through my own whiney tears. (Why do i have to cry every time the National Anthem in played?)

So what do you wear to celebrate in? I’m thinking these…

1. Ralph Lauren Gold Hi tops £87 at Alex and Alexa

2. Celestina Gold Shimmer Was £34.99 now £17.50 by Livie & Luca

3. Gold Hunter Original Wellies £45 at John Lewis

4. Stella McCartney Kids Gold Bernie’s £115 at Alex and Alexa

Though personally for me, i’m la la loving these! Trina work’s them so well.

And these. Of course…why wouldn’t you?


These would totally rock my wardrobe …and my life…and possibly my ankles. Is it possible to actually walk in these?

Answers on a postcard. Happy Weekend!

Tracey xo



13.08.12 OUR house: Siobhan, Leroy & the girls. A contemporary family haven

Hairdresser and stylist Siobhan lives here with her Graphic Designer husband Leroy, their two beautiful girls Amelie, 5 and Esmee, 3 with the delightful Ozzie the dog! Check out Amelie and Esmee’s bedroom from our last MY Room tour here.

I first met Siobhan a few years back at a child’s party. Her vibe was cool and trendy, yet relaxed. I was later introduced to her properly by a friend and having shared some life experiences together we kind of hit it off. The first time I saw her house I was overwhelmed by how it reflected their personalty and how far the design and style and a few well chosen pieces of furniture goes. I seriously love this house. The family that lives here are beautiful inside and out and it was the house that inspired this website. We all just want to nose around other people’s homes, you know the ones that make you gasp or give you a fussy feeling inside, big or small and we want to know how other people live stylishly with kids. This house is not really big or showy but it’s contemporary, fashionable and effortlessly homely all at the same time. Thank you for sharing it with us!

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10.08.12 Fashion Friday: Bubble London

So it’s been over a month since we scoured the famous Bubble London Show for the latest in everything cool and great coming up for the small people among us.

And it’s about time we shared some gems!

A little self promotion, a bit of fact finding and a whole lot of gawping at beautiful things for kids! I think that sums up our day at Bubble London rather well.

It was our first experience of the bi-annual kids trade show and I’m certain it won’t be the last! The 220 exhibitors included an eclectic mix of familiar names and newbies to the scene. We saw style driven occasion wear, Boden-esque play/sleep attire, organic baby wear and ridiculously cool footwear as well as hair clips, hair bands, blankets, muslins, jewellery, wall stickers, felt animal heads and wall prints.

We must also put a shout out to the ‘Bubble Homegrown’ massive. These are the wholly British brands whose collections are designed and manufactured in the UK. It was great to see British talent making it’s mark on world of designer kids-wear.

Here’s a round up of SOME of our favourite finds: We suggest you check these out pronto!

Caroline x

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07.08.12 Turkey 2012: An Album

06.08.12 A postcard from Turkey

Hey there,

Wow, the weather here is beautiful as is what we’ve seen of the Country so far. There’s hardly a cloud in the sky and it’s hot hot hot!

Kit has spent a lot of time swimming, training for the 2020 Olympics and has been far too adventurous for my liking jumping off the pier into the sea. She definitely takes after her dad there. Seb who has dreaded his swimming lessons for the past few years seemed to forget this by swimming in the sea and happily sliding down the waterslides, underwater and allsorts! Lola took  her first few steps in the baby pool but hasn’t yet progressed to walking on land thankfully, not that her crawl is slow but without her walking she seems slightly more containable. Her hair colour is getting peachier by the day. No wonder Kitty wanted to call her peaches when she was born. There is a definite hint of red in there to match her steely determination.

Our favourite spot on holiday was on the sandy beach in our beach pavillion decorated with white muslin and daybeds. The best time of the day here was between 4 and 6pm when the sun cooled down enough to walk with the sand in between our toes and hear the waves lapping to the shore almost in silence. Divine.

We’ve had a wonderful trip. I hope you’ve enjoyed our adventures on instagram.

See you soon.

Tracey xo


05.08.12 Out & About: August