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It’s holiday time for the Chalks!

Check out what we are up to on Instagram while we are away.

See you in August!

Here’s a sneak of what you can look forward to in August!

  • OUR HOUSE: An amazing contemporary eclectic house tour with a beautiful family.
  • MY ROOM: Tween Jess and her small compact room
  • Our top round up of events to visit in August
  • Pregnancy Summer fashion. Use what you have in your wardrobe already!
  • Making your own kids jewellery…for free! Well almost.
  • A girls Superhero party

Have a great July!

Tracey xo



23.07.12 La La Lovely: Monday Mess

Today, the gorgeous Trina from one of my favourite blogs, La La Lovely has featured my house for her Monday Mess feature. Yes I have a lot of mess. Luckily for you, it’s just a small snippet.

This feature is all about embracing imperfection and I embrace that wholeheartedly! Check the full feature out here.


18.07.12 rock my world: Slamp Lui Pendant light

Have you ever seen a more perfect pendant for a kids room or playroom?

A Slamp laser cut bird and tree effect, designed by Adriano Rachele. They are made to order in Italy and if you are super quick you can get a massively discounted one from Achica. You’ve got approximately 1 day and 7 hours left to take advantage of the offer…quick, go!


16.07.12 MY ROOM: Amelie

Amelie aged 5 lives with her mum, dad and little sister in a renovated house from the 1970’s. Her room is her castle.

A room fit for two little princesses which has nothing to do with a Disney theme. How refreshing!

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13.07.12 Fashion Friday: 4 sale dresses for holiday available NOW!

Oh i love a sale before going on holiday. Just awaiting the arrival of no.1 for Kitty!

1. Miller Molala dress, Was £50 Now £20 at Elias and Grace

2. Kickle Galaxy Dress, Was £50 Now £15 at Alex and Alexa

3. No Added Sugar Enchanted Scarlett floral dress, Was £42 Now £29.40 at No Added Sugar

4. Gap Stripe dress, Was £22.95 Now £9.99 at Gap



11.07.12 Family Hour: Make Fairy Cakes

This is all about spending an hour with your kids, no interuptions. Whether you have an hour a day or an hour a week to dedicate to them, this feature is here to inspire you.

My kids love cooking. They love getting messy and they love eating . It’s kind of a win win for them. For me the hour you spend making these also allows for a bit of cleaning up time because generally there is always a bit of mess involved. They don’t mind cleaning up so much after cooking as they like to stand at the sink and clean the bowls too! They made these cakes as a present to Lola on her birthday last week. What does a one year old want for their birthday? …cakes!

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05.07.12 Happy Birthday Lola.

So where did that year go?

Today Lola was one whole year. The one with the crazy hair. I cannot begin to express how lucky i feel to have three gorgeous and healthy children but really this one’s for Lola who totally cut me a serious wedge of slack this past year.

Her birth was fabulous. She has been a perfect newborn and a total angel baby. When people used to talk about their babies being so good , I would think ‘really, they never cry? They sleep all night from like WAY too early on etc, etc.’

But i got lucky. She is that baby. Third time lucky! Before I had her I worried about how i’d get Kitty who was starting school in the September, to school on time. How would I sort out clothes, breakfasts, getting showered and dressed and giving my new bambilino milk. I cannot tell you the amount of times she waited until after I had dropped Kitty at school to have her first drink of milk or her breakfast, without any fuss.

Although I feel the tide starting to turn, a little bit of feistiness, a lot of eating coal and a few tantrums seeping through I have to say to you my gorgeous girl, thank you. In Grandma’s words. ‘Everyone should have a Lola.’

Maybe it’s about time to write down your birth story.

P.S The kids made her cakes. Check them out in family hour next Wednesday.




01.07.12 Out & About: July

Wondering what to do with the krazies this month? Check out our round up of seven ‘hot’ happenings. It’s July after all and it’s supposed to be the hottest month of the year! We’ll see if it delivers but, in the meantime, here’s a mix of indoor and outdoor events to inspire you. Click on the numbers below to take you to the events.

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