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28.06.12 Show me your chalkboard: Elle & Lane’s house

So here’s a picture of one year old twins Elle  & Lane. Their lovely mummy ‘instagram tagged’ me a picture of their new chalkboard wall, inspired by me. Love her!

Personally I think it’s just too great for you all to miss! So here are the girls with their stunning new chalkboard wall.

Er hello. How gorgeous is that room? I think she has started me a craze!

If you have a chalkboard, a chalk area or a chalkboard wall you’d like to share with us please email me your images to


26.06.12 MY ROOM: Amelia & Grace

Grace, 6 and Amelia, (Mimi) 4 share this bedroom in a beautiful old semi detached farmhouse in the South East of England. They are farmer’s daughters and have the idyllic setting of a house surrounded by animals and fields and their cousins live next door.

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24.06.12 my week

  • So Lola crawled properly and not in the commando, ‘I’ve hurt my leg so I’m going to drag it behind me, soldier way’.
  • I started reading Fifty shades of Grey. I’m nearly on the third book and I’m addicted, as it seems are 90% of the female population i meet. No it is not a work of literary genius but it is bred of some kind of addictive genius. Let’s just say Christian Grey rocks my world and I can’t stop reading/talking about it. That’s a whole different post and not one that is totally comfortable sitting right here unless all you readers are a sex crazed, ‘I want Christian Grey’s love child’ obsessed gang. You never know!
  • We went to Bubble London the kids trade show and checked out all the gorgeous fashion and trends coming your way next Summer. Hey, what ‘s Summer again?
  • Ooh I nearly forgot Father’s Day, lots of chores, colouring and art and a lovely outdoor British rainy and sunny Summer birthday party. Well the birthday cake was a rainbow. What do you expect?!


20.06.12 Family Hour: Make pretend perfume

How often do you actually play with your kids? Like really play with them, not just set stuff up and leave them to play while you go off and do your own stuff.  For me i like to set aside an hour or so everyday where i actually play with them, which then in turn means they often let me do things on my own and play by themselves for a while. It’s a simple concept but people are busy, time is precious and before we know it they’ll be 17 and telling us things we probably don’t want to hear. Now for some of you who work full time, maybe an hour a week is all you’ve got to give them but let me tell you one solid hour playing with them is equivalent to a whole day of them playing next to you (while you get on with other stuff.) Family Hour is about one hour you can dedicate to doing, playing, or making something together and nothing else.

Get down with your kids and play. You know it makes sense.

So how about some perfume making to start? Or aftershave…









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18.06.12 My life: Caroline, mum & writer

Caroline who writes our Out & About monthly events feature is mum to Mia, 5 and Nancy, 2. She combines her job as a freelance writer and mum of two with being a fishmonger’s wife and jewellery maker.

I love working from home. I love the flexibility of being able to work around the kids and still have something for me. It’s important to me to be able to take part in nursery and school activities, pick Mia up from school and have her friends over for play dates.

Without doubt the best thing for me about having children, is the unconditional love and laughter. They make me laugh on a daily basis!


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16.06.12 Happy Father’s Day

Well in sunny rainy/windy England, it’s good old father’s day tomorrow. In true spirit, i am swanning off for the day with some of the Chalkboard massive to Bubble London, a kids trade show to check out all the latest fashion and design coming your way in the near future. I say in true spirit because it literally will be a daddy day for my little ones. This is great for a few reasons but mostly becuase he gets to experience the full and frank dad experience. The hugs, the loving , the fighting , the cooking etc…and the kids will love it. That and the fact he will team up with his best mate to hang out who also happens to have 3 little ones! I promise i’ll take them all out for dinner when i get home as a treat!

If you are lacking a gift or indeed a card, I highly recommend a homemade voucher. It’s so easy and if you pick something personal to the recipient i’m sure it will be well appreciated! A car wash, a lay in, a free pass day, 100 kisses! I’m sure you get the idea.

Now to my dad. Although he has been gone 8 years now it really feels like it could have been yesterday since i saw him. I am not one for visiting grave stones and lighting candles but instead i like to take a moment to think of the funniest moments i can recall or do things that make me think of him. So this small list is a glimpse of stuff that makes me laugh out loud and think of him.

– listening to Wham. There was one particular song that used to make my sister and i cry with laughter when he sang the ‘Woo ooh ‘ bit.

– watching old movies we once watched together, that he loved.  The list is endless but most old films I watch generally make me think of him. Particularly, Blazing Saddells, The Three Amigos, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Finian’s Rainbow and Singing in the Rain. We recently watched a bit of Blazing Saddells which came on TV a few weeks back. It is so outdated and un PC. Nick was looking at me wondering if i had gone mad wanting to watch it but all i could hear was the sound of dad’s laugh still ringing  in my ear.

– Spaghetti bolognase. His signature dish!

So i hope you have a fun filled Father’s day. And if you are missing someone today, i hope you manage to smile and laugh about them too.

Don’t forget to come back and check out our first ‘My Life’  post on Monday!



12.06.12 Style love: Sam Lennie’s family home

11.06.12 my week

Dancing in the Jubilee moonlight, loving all the Queenie celebrations and our ELC Happyland figure, going ga ga for Sam’s home tour – our first ever and what a start!

Loving baby Ruby and our accessory model Jess, becoming overwhelmed after discovering a new favourite shop Latham’s and said cushion from shop! And pancakes – what’s not to love?

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08.06.12 Our House: Designer Sam Lennie & her teenage family house tour

Sam Lennie, an interior designer & co founder of Phoenix and Fox,  lives with her husband and two teenage boys Oliver and Barney.  Their house built in 1927, is a family house design haven with an eclectic personality, ranging from a Scandinavian style white contemporary kitchen, to a dark and cosy living room space inspired by the Abigail Ahearn revolution.  The house has a gorgeous flow from one room to another and it is hard to describe how’s Sam’s  style has created such a warm inviting family place to be whilst confidently showing such contrast.

Make a cup of tea and sit down. You could be here some time.


Need to see more. To check out the interview and full tour click below.

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03.06.12 Out & About: The June 7

Our aim with Out & About is to highlight that there are some cool, unique and even random happenings for you to enjoy with the kids. The crew at Chalkboard Living love the month of June because it marks the start of summer. It’s also when we get to enjoy the longest daylight hours and more daylight hours equals more time for fun (kids and adults alike!). With this in mind, here are seven ways to treat the family during these early days of summer. And why “seven”, you might ask? Well, why not? We like to be different!

Click below to check out all the events.

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